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Training Partners

Part of offering post-adoption support is being able to refer our adopters to trusted partners.


We encourage all adopters, even experienced dog owners to set both themselves and their new dog up for success by investing in this Doggett Style's online program.  A good dog trainer is good at training dogs. A GREAT dog trainer is good at training people. 

OUR ADOPTERS RECEIVE 25% OFF Doggett Style's 7 Elements Online Training Program and a portion of all sales is donated back to Rebel.

Discount Code: REBELADOPT

How to apply discount & LEARN MORE & PURCHASE COURSE 

This is hands down the best resource for any pet parent because it covers all 7 Elements of your dog’s life: 

  • Health

  • Obedience Training

  • Fixing Unwanted Behaviours

  • Raising a Puppy or Rescue Dog

  • Play

  • Social / Body Language

  • Training YOU (Leadership, dealing with Anxiety, etc.)

If you’ve got a problem or question, you’re likely to find the answer in a quick, easy to follow video. There’s also a step-by-step guide so you’ll always know what to work on next if you want more direction.



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