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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does RDR get the dogs from?
R.E.B.E.L Dog Rescue focuses on saving dogs from Texas. The majority of our dogs come directly from high-kill shelters, while some of our dogs are saved directly off the Texas streets. We partner with rescues down south to help with placing rescued dogs into forever homes in Canada. All RDR dogs come from dire situations, whether it be that they are on the euthanasia list, they are strays, or are in situations of homelessness, abuse or neglect. RDR also assists with local cases when resources are available. 
How do the dogs from Texas get to Canada? 
R.E.B.E.L Dog Rescue pays a dog rescue licensed transport company to drive the dogs from Texas to Ontario. The trip is approximately 3 days long. They remain crated while on the road, with fresh water available to them at all times. The van is temperature controlled and the dogs are let out every 4-5 hours for a potty break and fresh air. 
Where is RDR located
We do not have a facility. We are a foster-based rescue, which means that all our dogs are fostered in private homes. In the case that a foster home is not available, the dog goes to a partnering boarding facility. We are based in Southern Ontario, primarily within the Hamilton and the Niagara region. 
What is your approval process? 
Read about out approval process here
Do you do a foster-to-adopt program? 
No, however each adopter will be given a 15-day probation period. Read more here
Will I get to meet the dog prior to adopting? 
Not likely. We do our very best to place our dogs into adoptive homes before they arrive into Canada. This ensures that they have a safe and loving place to go after their long journey up North. Dogs 8 months and older are adopted with an adoption probation. This means that the adoptive family has 15 days to determine that dog is a good fit for them. Although it may feel scary to not meet the dog before adopting, the 15 day FTA period allows you to get to know the dog within your home. If you buy a dog off of Kijiji or at a local shelter you may be given a couple hours to meet the dog. We believe that our program's 15 day probation provides much more insight into how he or she will fit into your home, rather than. a brief meet and greet. We are very proud to say that we have a 97% adoption success rate!
Do you do meet and greets for dogs already in Canada?
In short, no. All dogs in our care will have the same adoption process, regardless if they are located in the USA or Canada. This means that all RDR dogs have the probation period. 
Will the dog be trained?
All of our rescue dogs come from dire situations, where they have received little to no formal training. At the very least they will require their owner to teach them basic obedience, how to walk on a leash, and manners. We ask that adopters commit to working with a reputable trainer who has experience with rescue dogs to learn how to help your new rescue dog be the best they can be. 
Will the dog be house trained?
Most dogs are in foster homes before coming to Canada to meet their forever families, and tend to establish bathroom routines. However, accidents in the home while the dog is transitioning is to be expected. We cannot completely guarantee that the dog will be 100% house broken upon adoption. 
What vetting do the dogs receive? 

RDR receives as much information as possible on the dog’s health and does everything that we can to ensure that the dog is healthy prior to adoption. The dog will receive a full physical exam before coming to Canada. They will have their core age-appropriate vaccines, plus the non-core bordatella vaccine (kennel cough), and will be microchipped. Dogs over 6 months of age will be spayed or neutered. 

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