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Meet Our Leadership Team



Leah fell in love with the world of rescue after volunteering for a local organization. She has three rescue dogs, all from the South. Otis and Waylon, both of which came from high-kill shelters. While both dogs had never lived in a home before, Otis was a particularly special case as he had been severely abused and took many months to gain confidence. Today both dogs are thriving and are total cuddle bugs. Her most recent adoptee is Sofia, a RDR Alumni whole stole her heart! Leah is passionate about the 'underdogs', and has a soft spot for medical cases and seniors. 



Kathryn fell in love with dog rescue when her first dog Lloyd from Korea came into her life in 2018. Since then, she has added Winston, a rescue from Texas to the family. Kathryn has worked through a wide range of behaviors with her own rescue dog Winston, as well as extensive experience with over sixty foster dogs. Kathryn has previous experience working in the non-profit sector and spent a portion of her life on mission work trips throughout the world. She has two kids, the occasional foster and adores dogs with big 'stand up' ears!

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Adoptions & Post-Adoptions Manager

Training Consultant

Kori started to volunteer in dog rescue after the loss of her beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback. She later adopted Oscar, a boxer mix, who had been returned by his previous adopters to the rescue she was volunteering for due to his looks. Oscar has been such a light in Kori's life. In 2023 Kori adopted RDR Alumni Sasha. Her passion in RDR is to find the best possible match for each dog that is adopted out and to follow up with their progress.

Mere has been volunteering with RDR since she adopted her dog Hank in 2020. She was inspired to help after learning more about the homeless dog crisis in Texas. She is an animal welfare enthusiast and enjoys helping people as they navigate through various training issues. She continues to further her knowledge on animal behaviour and training through apprenticeships with well respected dog trainer. Mere is passionate about setting these dogs up for success!


Michelle grew up in a rural setting surrounded by animals. These early years set the foundation for a lifetime love of animals and a desire to help animals live healthy, happy, love filled lives. In June 2021, her family fostered Jasper from RDR in the hopes he would find his forever home. He did, with her, yes Michelle is a “foster fail”. That same year, Ariel was adopted from RDR completing “The Pack”. Michelle and her family currently are active fosters for RDR dogs in need (it is a family affair). As Michelle lives further from most of the other volunteers, she is able to support RDR raising awareness through social media. RDR is active on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Social Media Coordinator

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