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Adoption Approval Process: Welcome

Approval Process

R.E.B.E.L Dog Rescue is looking for committed adopters, ready to bring a rescue dog into their life. In order to ensure that we find the best homes for our dogs, adoption applicants must go through an adoption approval process. We receive a number of applications for each dog and only one will be chosen as the successful candidate. Candidates are selected based on the dog's needs. Not being selected for the dog that you applied for does not disqualify you from adopting from us in the future. 

1. Fill out an adoption application.

This can be found on the website's menu bar or at the bottom of the profile of the dog that you are interested in. Only eligible applicants will be contacted. 

2. Phone Interview.

If you are chosen as the successful candidate, you will be required to partake in a phone interview with a an adoption coordinator. The interview takes approximately one hour. 

3. Virtual Meet & Greet, if requested *For dogs in Canada only.

These meets are conducted through video calls with the dog's foster family. During this time the applicants can see and interact with the dog, ask questions about their personalities and care needs, and get a sense of whether they are a good fit for their home. .

4. Reference checks.

If the phone interview is successful, RDR will then complete personal reference checks, as well as vet references and landlord references if applicable.

5. Home visit.

The home visit is important to ensure that we are allowing our dogs to enter a safe and hazard free living space. It is also a great opportunity for the prospective adopters and adoption coordinator to chat further and gain further insight into what it is like to bring home a rescue dog. 

Once all steps are completed and approved of, you will receive a notification from RDR stating that you approved to adopt with R.E.B.E.L Dog Rescue.  

Please keep in mind that each and every rescue dog has their own needs and therefore you may not be the best match for the dog in which you applied for. It is our duty to ensure that the dog is placed in the most suitable home.

Adoption Probation


All dogs adopted through R.E.B.E.L Dog Rescue will receive a 15 day adoption probation period. This period starts the day the dog enters the care of the adopter. Read more under FAQsWe offer this probation period to ensure that the dog is a good fit for the home and vice versa. 


We are looking for committed adopters who understand that there will be a transitional period for all parties involved and are dedicated to working through challenges that may arise with their new family member. We want to avoid an adoption fail, although the dog can be re-homed if major issues arise and the adopters cannot keep the dog. 


When safe to do so, unsuccessful adopters are expected to foster the dog until it has found a new adoptive home. Details regarding the return process are outlined in the adoption agreement.

It is your responsibility to provide structure, guidance and love, and to teach them how to be the best they can be. 

If you are not prepared to attend training or seek out professional help for unwanted behaviours, reconsider adopting at this time. 

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